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Silvertongue, Chapter 6
Thirty minutes later, down at the docks, huddled masses of goblin families gathered at the main pier, approaching riot levels as Gallywix's former mansion guards found themselves as drafted police. The wealthy businessmen, politicians, corporate presidents, and aristocrats had already paid their way onto Gallywix's yacht, the last standing vessel in Bilgewater Port. It was prodigious compared to the other private yachts; the largest Kezan had ever seen, largely because it was formerly a cargo vessel. Gallywix bought it to convert it for his own personal use not a few years ago to host mansion-sized parties out at sea. Never did he imagine it would turn into such an investment as his personal army of accountants tallied Gallywix's newfound macaroons, which exceeded well beyond the hundreds of billions. The Trade Prince giggled with devilish glee as he sucked every ounce of worth left out of his devastated city.
"Let us in!" A goblin commoner shouted over the crowd, "Are you just going t
:icondeneb-vir:Deneb-Vir 1 1
Silvertongue, Chapter 5
The door to the storm shelter flew open and Mida ran down the stairs to the underground chamber. She quickly, but carefully, sat the Baron back down, who immediately whipped out his cane and hobbled over to two strange machines in the corner. They were "the valuer" and "the money changer." Both inventions of the Baron in his hay day, the valuer could evaluate any item's worth instantly in the current economy. Part stock-ticker part scanner and photograph machine, it would portray the value of an item or group of items in dull, orange LED lighting within seconds. Next to it was the money changer. Along with the valuer, this machine could be used like a vacuum message system to transport most light-weight items to immediately be exchanged for the money a valuer established for them. Money changers were rare, as they required having hook-ups to the network of vacuum tubes that connected all the way back to Undermine, but the Baron had made sure one was on his property back when Bilgewater
:icondeneb-vir:Deneb-Vir 1 0
Soterios' Mida Fan Fiction
"A CORE HOUND?!" Bowie was speechless, staring at the two-headed semi-reptilian creature currently quarreling with itself over a hambone as it lay at Mida Silvertongue's feet. Mida herself simply grinned like a loon, reaching down and gently patting each scaly head of the pug-sized creature.
Bowie shook his head, and calmed briefly. "My Tallest, putting aside the fact such a creature will inevitalbly become a nightmare to house and feed as it grows and eventually matures into f-flaming adulthood - not to mention the horrid smell its b-b-burning droppings will cause... just where in the name of all things good and golden did you GET such a beast?!" The brief stutter he had when mentioning fire-related words did not go unnoticed - Mida considered this a good sign, if he'd gotten his pyromania (outside of battle, anyway) under control that much; having to reprint frustration-charred paperwork was quite a bothersome waste of time and materials.
Mida chuckled, finding Bowie's frustrations a
:icondeneb-vir:Deneb-Vir 0 3
Holsteen's Mida Fan Fiction
"What a pretty little flower," says one visitor, reaching to stroke a delicate plant, stopping only because of Bowie's throat clearing.
"That's a Mourning Orchid. Best not touch it... Sir." Bowie's tone of voice made it clear that sir should be spelled cur.
"Oh?" sneered the visitor.
"It was a gift of the esteemed leader of the Darkspear, Vol'jin, to her Tallest upon joining the Horde. I understand it has been used for centuries by the trolls."
Now the visitor eyed the pretty little flower with caution. "For what?" he asked, in spite of himself.
Bowie cleared his throat again, "The season food with it, for those guests who have overstayed their welcome." His eyes locked with such a guest now, who paled noticeably, since he had just finished a meal before entering the chamber. "I understand it adds a delicate flavor to the flesh. Sir."
"Well, uh, well, most interesting, you, yes, well do give my regrets to her Tallest, but indeed, I forgot a, a meeting!" Sweat beaded his brow as he edge
:icondeneb-vir:Deneb-Vir 0 0
DEMOCRACY continued by Deneb-Vir DEMOCRACY continued :icondeneb-vir:Deneb-Vir 0 0 DEMOCRACY by Deneb-Vir DEMOCRACY :icondeneb-vir:Deneb-Vir 0 0


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United States
My name is Jay. I'm a transwoman from Oklahoma. Long ago, I used DeviantArt as my main hub online, posting political commentary in my journal and some politically-themed artwork. I've since uprooted and created my own website called In the ( I'll occasionally upload things I make for my website here, but to see all of my latest work as I make them be sure to visit my website!
Far too long guys, but here's just a quick update. I'm proud to announce that my website has been a huge success thus far. I'm still updating it at least two to three times a week with new blog entries, so if you want to know what I've been doing I suggest you head over there. I'm trying to get to a point where any image files I write are uploaded here as well, but I'm kind of lagging behind on that because I would like to tag all of them first with an somewhere on the picture, and... well, I've been busy (and lazy... I've just recently discovered Dr. Who on my Netflix... yeah). This journal will likely die off, except for the rare instances I still write fiction and look for help. I encourage everyone to look for me elsewhere though. I'd love to hear from you all!

Main Site:


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So I guess the "Silvertongue" stories are on semipermanent hiatus?
Deneb-Vir Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Pretty much, unfortunately. I've left WoW altogether now. The fact that they went all of Cataclysm and now are starting to look like they may go all of MoP without even finishing the Bilgewater storyline almost *forced* me to lose interest in the game because that's the only story I wanted to see resolved. I didn't want the new version of the story, Silvertongue, to encroach on lore, but it's starting to look like there will be no lore for the goblins they've gone so long without finishing the story. I spend most of my days writing either political commentary or my relationship column in LargeInCharge Magazine now and have little time for fiction.
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That's... incredibly disappointing. Then again, Blizzard has caught people off-guard with storylines getting picked back up after folks had thought they were dead, just look at the Missing Diplomat quest - it was from Vanilla, and folks thought it was abandonded and incomplete, until Wrath came along and tied things up. Plus, there's still another patch or two left in this expac, and rumor is going around that one of Garrosh's hidden supporters is the long-absent Gallywix, who quite possibly will be in the final Siege of Orgrimmar. Blizzard plans stuff for the long-run - they were working on Cataclysm before Wrath was even released. When they abandon or drop stuff, they've always told us directly. And they haven't said they've dropped the Bilgewater story.
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