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Mida Silvertongue (aka Her Tallest) becomes the Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel after they join the Horde in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Currently, she is entirely fan-made, and Blizzard has taken no part, nor endorsed, her creation. She is an unusually tall goblin from Bilgewater Port that saved her people, and the Warchief Thrall, upon their ship wreck on the Lost Isles. She is the most supported candidate to become the racial faction leader for the goblins.

Her Tallest is the eighth of nine children born to Baron Fizwitz Silvertongue from Bilgewater Port. All of her elder siblings met unfortunate ends through exploring, dealing dangerously or experimenting with science, magic and technology. Her one sibling that survived to her adult life was her younger brother, Pompwhig Silvertonge, who was an apprentice to Trade Prince Maldy (her predecessor). As a child, Mida bullied, but ultimately befriended, a local boy by the name of Bowie. It was he that first gave her the nickname "Her Tallest," or "My Tallest." She and Bowie were friends all throughout their upbringing, and eventually their higher education together. The two attended the Academy for Chemistry, Machines, Magic and Economics together and graduated at the top of their class. Upon graduation, Baron Silvertongue officially hired Bowie as tenant to their family, and was immediately placed under the charge of Mida as her personal assistant. To this day, they remain close friends, even if with a very master-and-servant relationship.

While being educated, Mida was also taught privately by her own father. Someday, she would take over all of his business ventures, so the Baron taught her everything he knew. Mida has always been close with her father, and revered him with a respect like none other. After graduating, Mida took over one or two of her father's business lines, but also went to work in the ship yard working on her father's trade vessels; building, maintaining and improving them. As time passed, she took a more active role in her father's work, taking on more of his business and standing in as his official representative when her father began to fall too ill to leave his home so frequently.

Mida Silvertongue, like her father, is known for her care and affection towards her race. She loves all goblins, and wishes she could influence the hard economic times on which Bilgewater Port had fallen. Well, almost all goblins. Mida always held a strong contempt for Trade Prince Maldy, as she could not forgive his family for cheating her father out of being Trade Prince, despite the fact that it didn't happen in her life time. Furthermore, Maldy was the one responsible for the deplorable state of her beloved town. Worst of all, Maldy had begun abusing his power, writing emergency proclamations to draft goblins of the town for the most unneeded things such as scrubbing his mansion, sweeping dirt roads and sending the shortest messages across the world. The Trade Prince had even recently drafted Bowie, tenant of the Silvertongues, to deliver a message to Booty Bay regarding yet another tax hike he was imposing on the Steamwheel Cartel vessels that came through his port. Mida knew that the longer Maldy stayed in control of the Bilgewater Cartel, the further it, and her people, would be driven into the ground.

The name "Her Tallest" is a reference to Invader Zim.
If put in-game, Her Tallest would be the first entirely fan-made racial leader, and it would mark the largest direct impact players and fans have had on character design, development and lore in the history of the game.
A quick biography I wrote for Her Tallest. We ultimately decided to not give the actual character of Her Tallest her own WoWwiki page, so I thought I'd put here what I wrote up. It's basically everything you'd need to know about Mida before reading my story, and then some!
wazwolf Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
Great job. But one tiny suggestion. Make her a hybrid. Goblin and Something(Blood Elf maybe?). Blizz would make her a unique body and face. She'd be tall like a human, or just have their proportions (not body shape, just arm, body, leg, head length). Her beauty would rival the Banshee Queen's. She's pick up a lesser nickname of Ugly Beauty or along those lines, referring to the Goblins put off by her looks, but ALL other races wanting her. She'd need an ample ass and waist, small hips, and medium bust (for those that like big boobs and those that like small).

Even if you don't like any of that, let me know. I mention this, cause someone made a Blood Elf female one that I assume was inspired by yours. And I like the idea of the flirty BE. But Goblin is more suited as the Goblin faction leader.
Deneb-Vir Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
We've already discussed this in the thread, and we do not want her to be defined by her physical appearance. One of the primary reasons we wanted a new female leader to begin with is because the other two are elves, which are traditionally used as sex symbols and nothing more. But another, more important, of the main reasons we made her is because we wanted Blizzard to show that women don't have to be physically attractive, by our standards (even if not goblins) in order to be a good leader. I'm not saying that it's impossible for her to be both attractive and have depth, but we've decided she's a much more grungy type; something that is desperately needed in Blizzard's female characters. Plus, half-races barely exist in game at all, let alone as a racial leader. It would kind of defeat the point for the goblin leader to not be a goblin, let alone another elf.
wazwolf Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2010
I agree about about the goblin leader should be a goblin. Just the popularity of the other thread, plus the fact that the cartel employees others, could lead to a non-goblin faction leader. If they truly view themselves as a corporation instead of a clan.

I also agree on the positive female leadership, regardless of looks. But the 2 Elf leaders to me, seem fully competent and not just sex symbols. Fleshed out with personality and depth. I actually only view the Banshee Queen as being remotely given sex appeal. As an after thought. Mostly playing to the WoW community who had her look like a Night Elf for so long.

Mainly, the Fan Art already has her looking tom-boy cutesy. That is great to me. I'd just like her to also have a "hard knock life" element with being the rare hybrid. Like Rexxar and his Mok'Nathal clan being hybrids. Plus to make her even taller with her own unique model.

But I'm happy without that change as well. I can see how others wouldn't support my additions.
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